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ULS-RWS software Overview

What is ULS-RWS?

A software that deals with the ultimate limit state (ULS) analysis for all types of embedded retaining wall (cantilevered, single-propped and multi-propped).
The main focus is to derive the wall embedment (penetration), complying with various Standards and Codes. The bending moment/shear force diagrams and support force for cantilevered and single-propped cases also provide significant insight combined with proper engineering judgement.


  • Relatively thin walls
  • Equilibrium is achieved from the lower embedded depth of wall and the props if any
  • The bending capacity of such walls plays a significant role in the support of the retained material

Wall Support Types

  • Cantilevered
  • Single propped
  • Multi-propped

Design Procedure

A set of calculations (ULS) to determine the minimum embedment necessary to achieve equilibrium for the ultimate limit states, which is the purpose of this software development.

A set of soil-structure interaction (SSI)analyses to determine the relevant action effects in the retaining structure (e.g. bending moment, shear force and strut/prop force) which will subsequently be provided for structural design calculation, and wall displacements which will be used for serviceability limit state (SLS) assessment

Output Data & Charts

Metrics that Matter

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ULS-RWS Manual

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