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AIWINops platform Overview

What is AIWinOps?

AIWinOps is an AI SaaS Solution that based on the experience of helping the client with AI landing .
Its technology focuses on AI image recognition of smart manufacturing, solves visual recognition problems for all factories, such as defect inspection and human image recognition.


  • AI Image Recognition Technology
  • Smart Manufacturing Support
  • SaaS Solution
  • Experience-Based Solution
  • Scalability

    Software Features

    Empowering geotechnical studies
    through AI advancements

    "How it Works? Just a Few Simple Steps,
    Done in One Go!"

    Metrics that Matter

    AI image technologies can empower individuals to
    tackle complex projects.


    Image recognition


    Reduce fatal related accidents


    Manpower Savings


    ULS-RWS Manual Example Page 1
    ULS-RWS Manual Example Page 2
    ULS-RWS Manual Example Page 3

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