Numeric Data Analysis AI Platform

Expert system & AutoML

Numops platform Overview

What is NumOps?

NumOps is an AI SaaS Solution that based on the experience of helping the client with AI landing . It mainly focuses on numeric data analysis. You can build your own model easily without programming.
Our biggest feature is that you can create a model before you have your data ready.
NumOps can be used in energy saving control, control optimization, order prediction, production line exception prediction, equipment maintenance and repair prediction, and sales and stock prediction.


  • Expert System
  • AutoML

    Software Features

    Empowering geotechnical studies
    through AI advancements

    "How it Works? Just a Few Simple Steps,
    Done in One Go!"

    Metrics that Matter

    Empowering Civil Engineers to Solve Complex Projects
    with AI Data Analytics




    Work Efficiency Up


    Manpower Savings


    ULS-RWS Manual Example Page 1
    ULS-RWS Manual Example Page 2
    ULS-RWS Manual Example Page 3

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