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SILTFI software Overview

What is SILTFI?

    SILTFI mainly aims to facilitate the preparation of Geotechnical Interpretive Report (GIR) and Geotechnical Factual Report (GFR) which are normally time-consuming for a large infrastructure project, including :

    ☉A secure platform for managing geotechnical information.

    ☉Cloud-based access that promotes collaboration and sharing among contributors.

    ☉Interactive cross section profile creation.

    ☉Visual representation of geotechnical long sections and site layout on a map.

    ☉Generation of 28 charts that can be directly included in GIRs.

    ☉Ability for user to interpret test results and derive design parameters through each chart.

    ☉Automatic detection of inconsistencies between field data and lab test results.

    ☉Import/export capabilities for gINT/AGS data


    Solve Geotechnical Challenges

    Discover the depth of your data

    Transform data into knowledge


    • Capacity of automatically  verifying and comparing in-site and laboratory test results to identify in consistencies
    • Facility of manually correcting data to maintain consistencies

    A red“dot” stands for an inconsistency has been identified between In-situ
    and laboratory testing result

    Metrics that Matter

    See how SILTFI help governments and owners to increase
    their project productivity and manpower saving.


    Reduce human error


    Budget Savings


    Manpower Savings

    SILTFI Manual

    ULS-RWS Manual Example Page 1
    ULS-RWS Manual Example Page 2
    ULS-RWS Manual Example Page 3

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